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International designer Fola credits his love of fashion and design to his father, a dapper businessman in his home country of Nigeria. Seeing his dad’s impeccable grooming and sense of style left quite an impression on him as a young boy. Frequent visits to Key Side in Lagos as a teen with friends further peaked his curiosity as they would purchase the latest imported fashions from Europe for themselves as well as to sell to others. This entrepreneurial endeavor fostered his interest in the retail aspect of the clothing industry.

Upon moving to Dallas in 1993, Fola went to work for a friend, well renowned clothier Habeeb (Silhouette). He was soon ready to open his own store, Mayama, named after his beloved grandmother, which he did in 1995 at the popular Big T Bazaar in South Dallas. In 2009, he relocated to Southwest Center Mall, and in August of this year, Fola moved into his stand alone storefront in Duncanville. Named after his daughter, Derins Couture specializes in the design and creation of one-of-a-kind, exquisite men’s clothing. Over the last twenty-five years, Fola has established himself as a leader in the men’s fashion industry with designs crafted to perfection for every client. From the finest fabrics and color coordination, to the flawless construction of each suit, a Derins design speaks to the individuality and uniqueness of the wearer. Simply put, Fola will not craft two of the same suit! His couture creations are a favorite of Dallas City Councilman John Wiley Price and Hollywood heavy hitter, Cedric the Entertainer!

Fola has recently ventured into the arena of designing conventional corporate African looks adding them to his repertoire as a tribute to his father and the culture that inspired his love for fashion. The look features a more relaxed yet professional design with rounded necks, French cuffs made out of top of the line wool materials for Fall and top of the line linen and cotton material for Summer.

Fola who firmly believes that behind every successful man is a successful woman hails his wife Funmi as the force that keeps him moving ever forward. The couple along with their three children live in Arlington, Texas.

Custom suits require a two week turn-around time. For more information, visit www.derinscouture.com online or on Facebook at Derins Couture or call, 214-376-3908 or 817-371-6977.